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OMG!! This fits me perfectly! LOL

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 112 Pics

10 last minute halloween costumes - all you need is eyeliner, red lipstick and colored hairspray

#Aries aren’t bossy, they just know how it needs to be done and simply don’t have the patience to watch you mess it up for the umpteenth time when they can do it perfectly in their sleep. -- Sherene Schostak | #horoscope #astrology

Aries Sun Sign - Zodiac Signs -

Sunday Funnies: 21 Hilarious Beauty-Themed E-Cards

Hahaha, the harsh reality! But thank you, Jesus, that we are never lacking anything!

I hate the phrase "boys will be boys" and I think it should be replaced with "bad parenting results in assholes."

Pocket Shower- $25 This fabulous product provides an 8-minute shower anywhere you are (includes 20-foot cord for hanging). The waterproof fabric attracts heat, which creates warm water. Ideal if seeking useful outdoor gifts.

Pocket Shower, Camp Pocket Shower -

EXACTLY! I'm not anti-social. I'm selectively social. There is a difference.

AMEN! That done in secret is blessed by God. Don't cancel it out by seeking a blessing (i.e. attention or praise) from mere humans.

10 Inspirational Quotes for the New School Year | Slideshow

Life is so unfair. | Little White Lion

stress quote - Google Search.... Or anorexic. Depending on the amount of stress.

Funny Workplace Ecard: I look forward to weekends just so I don't have to figure out what the hell to wear to work!

Paper Towel rolls always seem to blow away, fall on the ground & unravel ... milk crate w/ rod ... keep towels clean & w/in reach.

Beer sleeve. For all of those events we have to sit through that don't allow alcohol.

The relationship between my mother and I is so similar to The Gilmore Girls, you'd think that we inspired the show :P