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Sushi etiquette means always using chopsticks, even when not even some of the pros can eat a volcano roll with sticks like I can.

  • Scott McDonald

    You may eat sushi with chopsticks or with your fingers, both are acceptable (at least in Japan).

VOLCANO ROLL: FRIED SUSHI! This website is really nifty. Its called SUSHI VIDS: sushi made simple. They teach you how to make all sorts of sushi via educational videos.

Saii, strikes again.

Oh, wait...this sushi's still swimming. That can't be good, right?

Saii, the right choice.

Saii also does a fantastic job with presentation. They don't just throw some rolls on a plate! That is for sure.

More eye candy from Saii

Saii-the best sushi place I've found in this area of the state (and I've been to several). The really have the bang for the buck. The rolls are all massive and packed with flavor. They just do everything better! If I really want to enjoy myself, there is no question. Check it out whenever you can, its worth the drive: 6900 N May Avenue, OKC, OK

Eating Nemo. Nemo is spicy tuna and cucumber inside with yellowtail and salmon on top. Each piece has a bit of lemon on top, which enhances the other flavors.

the JB Roll. Inside it was salmon, cream cheese, jalapeno and green onion, rolled in rice. Then all of that was tempura fried and topped with spicy mayo and eel sauce. Red Canyon RollInside was cooked calamari, avocado and a type of chili mix called togarashi. Then they pour on a mix of baked crawfish with scallion and eel sauce on top.

Salmon jalapeno roll