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Off the Grid Rain Water Collection

Off Grid Rain Water Collection Upgrade – Part 1

Survival Skills: How to scavenge a car for essential survival items to help you survive!

Wilderness Survival Skills Blog: Tarp Shelters. Post 52 always used this type of tentage for our Philmont treks! Light and easy.

Wilderness Survival Skills Blog: Tarp Shelters

Essential Survival Skills and Tools - Imgur - How to start a fire using water

5 Basic Survival Skills You Need When Bugging Out -Posted on November 26, 2013 by Chris Ruiz

Basic Survival Skills - The Bug Out Bag Guide

Raise Your Own Goats | DIY Homestead

Car Emergency Preparedness Kit List | Survival Life

i am in love with this! 24 Survival Tips for Living Alone - even if you don't live alone, some of these tips are good to know!

Food Storage/Year Supply for under 5 bucks a week! Tells you exactly what to buy each week!

THE SURVIVAL DOCTOR - What to do when help is NOT on the way. - IN AN EMERGENCY: Treating a wound with no access to medical care right now? This is the post to read.

Skin Lacerations: How to Treat a Cut, Scrape, Gash, Stab Wound

Matrix Survival Is Being Developed To Provide Information Obtaining To Urban and Wilderness Survival

HowStuffWorks "Survival Fishing in the Jungle"

How A T-shirt Could Save Your Life In A Disaster - The Homestead Survival - how to turn a t shirt into a dust mask that can save your respiratory system during a disaster that stirs up debris long enough for you to evacuate the area. SHTF

Edible Flowers you can Forage

Edible Flowers you can Forage | The Art of Doing Stuff

72 Hour survival kit items that should be in your house, this list comes directly from FEMA. Keep it in a cabinet in the garage.

heat your home in an emergency