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Albinism:: pale beauty..

The majority of children with albinism are born to parents who have average eye and hair color for their ethnicity. At times, people are not aware they do have a form of albinism. One of the myths about albinism is that people with it have red eyes; the fact is there are different forms of albinism and the amount of pigmentation in the person's eyes varies. While some people with albinism do have violet or reddish eyes, the majority of people with it have blue ones.

albino beauty

Nastya Kumarova

Canadian family adopts little girl from China.

  • Sofia

    awww adorable! where can I get one?!))

Nastya Kumarova

ALBINO SERIE | MODEL : Iti . MUA : Kelly Bruneau . HAIR : Lydie Martins . PHOTO : Kavak Agir

Albus Exhibition by Justin Dingwall, via Behance

Category beauty - Connie Chiu Portfolio

Category beauty - Connie Chiu Portfolio

Diandra Forrest, Portrait mag, Sept 2012 I think albino people are beautiful! I could look at them all day.

"Primitive Streak" collection by Helen and Kate Storey, a collaboration of fashion and biology

Primal Fashion | The Scientist Magazine®

Beauty by Andy Dyo

Beauty by Andy Dyo

CS 5

L'Afrique, C'est Chic | GQ South Africa

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