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Kalash Beauty:

The Kalasha people, an endangered culture community, now have dwindled to less then 4000 members

Kalash girl from the village of northern Pakistan by Yury Pustovoy on 500px

Pakistan by Yury Pustovoy | 500px

ღღ Some in the academic community have speculated that the Kalash might be from ancient Middle Eastern populations, an indigenous population from South Asia, or members of Alexander the Great's army. Though often overstated, instances of blond hair or light eyes are not uncommon.

Two Kalash women pose on their veranda in Rumboor Valley, one of the three Kalash valleys

Kalash Girl during the Joshi Spring Festival - Pakistan

Kalasha Kalash-chitral-Pakistan-dance~The Kalasha are an animist tribe living near the Pakistan-Afghan border. Said to be descended from Alexander the Great's armies, they have been given government protection.CNN

Kalasha: Happiest people in Pakistan?

Kalash Girls from Pakistan NWFP living in chitral small village KALASH GUM yes i am also chitral i give you more information about this people