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Giant reed is a sterile, high energy perennial capable of producing more than 20 dry tons per acre. Along with this, giant reed’s fast growing nature produces a bamboo-like stalk reaching upwards of 20 feet and allows for harvesting at least once year after the establishment year.

Jonathan Kline, Basketmaker - Country Living

Jonathan Kline, Basketmaker

Starting a rib basket

Starting a rib basket for Mungo

Birch Bark Canoe Christmas Tree Ornament Tutorial by

lil fish studios: Tiny Birch Bark Canoe Tutorial

Jarrod's Blog — Woodspirit

Jarrod's Blog — Woodspirit

This picture depicts the Twined Work basket weaving technique. I thought this was really cool because it uses a braid to weave, which gives the basket more texture.

Twined Work Basket Weave | ClipArt ETC

Moje pletení z papíru - Fotoalbum - NÁVOD - VZORY PLETENÍ - NÁVOD - na hřebenovou vazbu

NÁVOD - na hřebenovou vazbu

Harvesting Birch Bark

Harvesting Birch Bark

Birch Bark harvesting tutorial - birch makes lovely crafts like baskets and picture frames

Making Birch bark containers-Tutorial- good pictures and instuctions

Making Birch bark containers-Tutorial-

Поделка изделие День рождения Декупаж Плетение Продолжение детской темы Картон Салфетки Трубочки бумажные фото 7

Продолжение детской темы



NativeTech: Cattail Mats

NativeTech: Cattail Mats

How To Make a Cattail Mat by www.WoodlandIndia...

Woodland Indian Educational Programs - Cattail Mats