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Baby and toddler safe edible TWO ingredient paint recipe. - sweetened condensed milk + food coloring

75 ideas for 3 year olds - simple everyday things you can do with your 3 year old.

10 Signs Your Kid is Gluten Intolerant |

cake pops - if any of my kids ever had to do solar system project...

Books of Bible Game - cards and ideas

For when kids don't want to do art, or finish quickly. Use an old Baby Wipes container, hot glue or super glue a large Lego piece to the inside of the lid ...and you have a perfect Lego Travel Box. Great idea for trips!

I THINK I JUST DIED!!!! 1/4 cup sugar, 1/2 teaspoon of food coloring, baking sheet and 10 mins in oven to make edible glitter!

Five beginner games for two and three year olds. Do you know of any to add to this list?

Calming Jar- Tell the child that he/she needs a break and may return when everything has settled to the bottom of the jar. Perfect

Letter Sounds (Color, cut and paste!)

Rainbow Writing. Give the child several colors to trace and retrace a word... Make it developmentally appropriate! Younger kids get shorter, fatter crayons, and maybe just a letter. Older children get their names, and those who have already mastered that can work on meaningful sight words.