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Those who do not learn from the pabst are doomed to repeat it.


Funny College Ecard: If you don't understand the Mean Girls reference, you can't sit with us!

I know right! Relationship quotes are always geared towards women, but just maybe our goals don't include being in a relationship.

The Awkward Moment

Just sayin.

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I've explained to my boyfriend that I express my emotions not through words, but through irrational behavior. He's pretty excited about the future.

Pinterest inspires me to get a new tattoo.

Funny Confession Ecard: Everyone is all 'I want roses, chocolate, and romance' and I'm all, 'I want tattoos and wine'.

Minions In Black ... lol lol

I love this! Makes me laugh & smile every time I hear or read it (of course I can't read it without saying like it was said in the movie)

Funny St. Patrick's Day Ecard: St. Patricks day is like Valentines day for people who love Jameson and bad decisions. Like us.

If I Can't See You, You're Not There!

MENS Custom It Burns Ginger Redheads Artist by TwillCoTShirts

Fireball whiskey did not whisper temptations in my ear. It shouted, 'BITCH, YOU GONNA ACT A FOOL!'