Cute idea. I love that they included a note telling guests what to do with the petals.

How to get your guests to take the photos you don't want to miss!

So Going to have at least one chalkboard sign... (even if I have to make it) :) Vintage Chalkboard Sign for Wedding // Choose a seat not a side // Etsy

To discuss - will guests be escorted to their seat or will it be casual, like this sign suggests? If so, will need a chalkboard to state this at entrance to aisle.

Turn engagement photos into a book and have guest sign instead of a boring guest book!

such a unique idea

Styrofoam ball, hot glue, and silk flowers. Ta-da!

3 Wedding Planning Apps to Save Your Sanity

Can you imagine the hilarious comments youll get in here? I think a marriage advice box is a must.

"Something Blue"- heart sewn into her wedding dress made from her dad's old shirt. Adorable.

i love the idea of having all the married couples come out on the dance floor with their spouse and then giving the bouquet to the longest married. so sweet and i won't have a bunch of catty girls punching each other out for my bouquet.

something old. Picture from my parents or grandparents wedding? Greeat idea!!

Great idea - Save the petals from your wedding bouquet in a Christmas ornament.

Fuchsia roses tied with a matching satin ribbon. Simple and yet so beautiful.

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