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birth announcement with ruler, clock and weight

very first day and very last day of school. Must remember this!! I LOVE this idea!

$5 Savings Plan: Whenever a $5 bill comes into your possession save it and put it away. Once or twice a year cash it in to a savings account.

This could be a really great idea for the hallway

40 Ways to Tie a Scarf...I can really apply this to my life. :)


60 Tiny Love Stories to Make You Smile seriously was crying by number 8!

Thrift store chair turned swing! LOVE!!

complete list of Essentail oils and what they are used for, to learn more visit TeamMyattYL.vibra...

20 Questions to ask your children when you're putting them to bed to help develop your relationship. I really love this!

The Reason for the Season - names of Christ ornaments

Moody Bible Institute, Chicago... a place very near and dear to my heart! The best and most life transforming four years of my life!