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Oils Everyday!

Olive Oil Candles! Make candles with olive oil! Personalize with herbs or essential oils for aromatherapy. SO easy!

How to Make Olive Oil Candles

Stock up for winter and enter to win a Thieves Kit...

Smells like Fall!!!! #harmonyoilsworld #yleo...

Harmony Oils will be giving this Thieves Kit away...

Life Science Publishing’s Essential Oil Pocket...

Kidlet’s soccer, 2.87 mile run, 80 diffusers and...

I work in a public school. My kids go to public school. We go to church on Sundays and the grocery store weekly. You know what I see in all of those places? Sick people! Friends, I don’t know about...

Prepare for Cold & Flu Season the Oily Way!

Use Di-Gize and Peppermint on the roof of the mouth and under the tongue, on the navel (rub clockwise), and on the lower back. Apply Thieves on the feet and on the spine. If it's too hot, dilute with coconut oil. Use drops of Lemon, Orange, or both directly under the tongue or in little sips of water if dying of thirst. Apply Frankincense on the forearms. For headaches that follow this stomach bug, use peppermint on the temples, behind the ears, and on the back of the neck.

Trying Something New: Essential Oils Under $20. 29 Singles and Blends! Heartfelt Hullabaloo

Trying Something New:  Essential Oils Under $20

The new Ningxia NITRO is now available! Dr. Oli Wenker (MD Anderson, Houston) suggested Young Living develop a healthy and natural energy drink. He gave his input and a year later - - - here it is! This powerhouse of an energy drink is truly awesome. 4-5 hours of sustained energy for both your body and brain. Add to regular NingXia Red for 6-8 hours of energy! Item number 3064 I ordered mine today!

Extra Strength Mosquito Repellent Recipe

Extra Strength Natural Mosquito Repellent

How I use Essential Oils for Homeschooling Young Living Essential Oils for ADD, ADHD, Concentration, and Hyperactivity

How I use Essential Oils for Homeschooling

Young Living Essential Oils: Diabetes