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Natural cures for constipation using essential oils

The new Ningxia NITRO is now available! Dr. Oli Wenker (MD Anderson, Houston) suggested Young Living develop a healthy and natural energy drink. He gave his input and a year later - - - here it is! This powerhouse of an energy drink is truly awesome. 4-5 hours of sustained energy for both your body and brain. Add to regular NingXia Red for 6-8 hours of energy! Item number 3064 I ordered mine today!

Extra Strength Mosquito Repellent Recipe

Extra Strength Natural Mosquito Repellent

Young Living Essential Oils: Everyday Essential Oils Collection

Young Living Essential Oils: Acne

How I use Essential Oils for Homeschooling Young Living Essential Oils for ADD, ADHD, Concentration, and Hyperactivity

How I use Essential Oils for Homeschooling

Young Living Essential Oils: Diabetes

Perfect for itchy, dry scalp and dandruff. Add Young Living rosemary essential oil for added benefits.

#yleo School Supplies List Oilers it is here! That fabulous season of new notebooks, fresh pencils, bright new lunch bags and yes, you guessed it -oils! With all the good that a new school year brings, also comes the cooties. Be prepared! Out of stock is a harsh reality these days, so I am ordering extras! Here is a my list of my must haves: 2 bottles of Thieves Oil (one for a roller for the kids and one for the diffuser and capsules- just in case.) Thieves Cleaner- which I make spray bottles for all of the kids’ teachers for under $2 each. Ask me for the details on these cute #clean gifts. Thieves Hand Purifier 3 Pack- One for each backpack! Thieves Spray for my hubby’s desk and my bag. 2 buckets of Balance Complete- healthy breakfasts for all! Ningxia Red- antioxidant and superior raw food energy source Ningxia Nitro- pep in the step, B vitamins, and summer recovery shot! And finally, my arsenal for colds and flu: Oregano, Thyme, Melissa, Frankincense, Peppermint, and Eucalyptus Blue (which is FREE along with White Fir this month with 190 PV purchase!) Don’t delay! Set up your Essential Rewards order today. Not on ER? Now is the time to find out what you’re missing. Let me know, I will walk you through the program and show you the benefits!

Clinical Services and Essential Oils.

Clinical Services

Back to School Essential Oils

10 Uses for PanAway Essential Oil |

10 Uses for PanAway Essential Oil

cupcakeMAG Summer Issue

cupcakeMAG’s Summer Issue is Here! - ediTORIal by Tori Spelling

Here are the June promotions! Young Living wants you to know how wonderful our products are risk free. So, each month with a minimum purchase, you will receive gifts like the ones shown to broaden your oily experiences. Sulfurzyme is an amazing supplement that that I take for inflammation, allergies, strong hair, joint pain, and to support every system in my body. This is a powerhouse for sure! Purification is great for neutralizing odors or venom! Perfect for bug bites, cuts, scrapes, and ear mites in our furry friends. Lemon is part of my wrinkle regime. It provides cleansing for my body when taken internally via drinking water. Lemon elevates mood and cleans the air when diffused. When used topically it improves earache aches when dabbed behind the ear (never inside ear canal), varicose veins, circulation, and sinus pressure, is good for acne. I never leave the house without this oil. Citrus Fresh is great diffused. It provides a happy, clean and energetic atmosphere. It also helps with mental clarity, creativity, and reduces anxiety. This oil is great for internal use as well, and cleans our bodies from the inside out. Don’t miss out on these great promos! Information provided from Essential Oil Desk Reference by Life Science Publishing and personal miracles.

Replace your medicine cabinet! YOUNGLIVING.ORG/CHESKAFAITH

Young Living Essential Oils: The Vita Flex Points for Dog Paws