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Inspiring Spy/Sci-Fi

A visual collection of items that serve as the main inspiration for "The Adventures of Great Grandmother Beady Dine" spy fiction adventure album.

Teenagers From Outer Space, a big influence in the first Amino Acid album Man in the Universe

You may recognize the "Red Elvises" from their bad guy roles in the movie Six String Samurai

This movie plays out like a video game.

Tropic Isle Pinball Machine artwork

The spy sound begins with low action accomplished with the help of a zero fret, 25 inch or more scale length, thin neck and an 11-13k ohm bridge pickup, all which are included in the Teisco made Silvertone 14459L.

The condition of the figures - one charred, another only scorched, another almost untouched - showed that the blast, equivalent to 35,00 tons of TNT, was discriminating in its effects. As one phase of the atomic test, the village and figures help guide civil defense planning - and make clear that even amid atomic holocaust careful planning could save lives.

The Nikki's Coffeeshop scene was based on this wonderous location

Civil defense also means preparing to deal with communist attacks from within the infastructure of government. The diligence and duty of the average citizen is a central theme in the story of Beady Dine.

The SR-71 Blackbird is the inspiration for the 'Dolorosa' mobile research facility aircraft in Track 13 of Beady Dine

Shortwave "numbers" stations, coded spy transmissions, a fascinating topic of research

Top 10 Modern Unsolved Mysteries of the World - Top 10 Lists

Night of the Ghouls, the best Ed Wood film in my opinion.

Experimental Research/Space exploration

Bird is the word.