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Books Worth Reading

'The Compound Effect' by Darren Hardy. Little changes, in habits or decisions that become part of your daily disciplines, practiced over time, will create the desired result.

Building myself, so I can help others become Leaders as well! Volume 2 is due out soon! Thanks Tom!

Heard any good stories lately? Get this one too!

Great tips for building your network marketing business! Thanks Tom!

Grow your business with this process. It will work! If you do! Great book! Thanks Jay, good to know you!

One of my favorite guitarists. Don Felder. I enjoyed the book. If you like the Eagles, you'll like the book.

Great book. Great information. Read it.

Put this into practice to change every part of your life. You can't just read it, you'll have to DO IT!

I'm just a music fan. My wife got this one for me. It was actually an old library book. Good story. If you liked what was coming out of Memphis and Stax Records in the '60s, read this.

Jay Veal's 'Little Book of Network Marketing, a pocket guide' It's just the right size Jay. Great concept. Thanks again for all you do.

This is a great little book. Hence the title. Another business partner and mentor. Thanks Jay for the book and all of your help.

Introducing Presley Swagerty, Author. Thank you sir for sharing.

Just started reading this one. It is by my business partner and the most successful person in our business, Mr. Presley Swagerty. Thanks for all you do. And thanks for writing this book.

Very good observation of how certain people were able to become successful. Right place, right time. When and where you were born does make a difference. Read for yourself. Need to read his other two books, 'Blink' and 'Tipping Point'. I hear both are good too.

Another good book if you are looking to better yourself. Never stop learning. The day that you stop learning is the day you die. Good stuff Mr. Maxwell.

What can I say? This man had vision. Cropped this picture on one of his products. Matter of fact, took the picture with another one of his products, the iPhone.