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Historic Decor and Interior Design Tips for Period Homes and Decorating Styles

These pages are chock full of information and links useful to those restoring a historic home's interior decor as well as those who decorate in period styles and other decorating genres from Arts and Crafts and Victorian to Neoclassical and Retro styles. Whether you prefer historic accuracy or eclecticism, you're sure to find many informative, practical, and resource-full pages, photos, and serendipitous finds.

Historic Period Interior Design and Home Decor: The American Colonial Period Decorating Style: Chinese Wallpaper imported for affluent homes

Historic Period Interior Design and Home Decor: The American Colonial Color Palette

Lee Jofa Quatre Saisons Historic Mauve Toile Wallpaper - Gorgeous, top quality handprinted 18th century reproduction.

Wallcoverings | Restoration Fabrics & Trims

PHENOMENAL Exclusive New Vintage Schumacher Architectural Grisaille+Color Hand Printed Fabric - This is the most incredible fabric!

If you like the Art Nouveau style, with its flowing lines, ornate designs and nature-inspired themes you should see this page...

Art Nouveau Decor

Mid-Century Modern design is a popular retro style of home decor that reflects mid-20th century modern design developments...

Heat Between the Sheets (G rated) Stay warm and save energy without electric heaters and blankets by taking a few cues from our 19th century predecessors....

Movies Old House Buffs will Love: Our Favorite DVDs for Old House Afficiandos...Some movies on our list are really great on all scores (including the music -- sorry could not resist the pun) but others are not. The story may be disorganized and sluggish. The characters may be undeveloped. The dialogue may be disconnected. But we love these movies for their settings and attention to detail -- For the period wallpaper, furnishings, architecture, and even costumes. We hope you'll agree and add your own favorites to the list.

You know you own an old house when... The true life drama, romance, comedy, mystery and tragedy of historic restoration... Owning and restoring an old house is often a love/hate relationship....