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Chicago Tribune 100 Years Ago

Chicago Tribune front pages are going back. Way back. 100 years. Crime, public transit, the economy and Daniel Burnham -- you may notice that things really weren't so different. Click on each page to read the full newspaper from that day - stories, ads, photos and all.

Aug. 31, 1914: Germans bombard Paris from the sky.

Aug. 30, 1914: Paris suburbs await German siege.

Aug. 29, 1914: First great sea battle. 4 ships are sunk.

Aug. 28, 1914: German forces press on - 90 miles from Paris.

Aug. 27, 1914: New French ministry to conduct war. Germans drive deep into France.

Aug. 26, 1914: Austria declares war on Japan, France recalls army from Alsace.

Aug. 25, 1914: Germans defeats English and French.

Aug. 24, 1914: Japanese more aggressive. The battle is coming to a head across Europe.

Aug. 23, 1914: Japan opens war on Germany.

Aug. 22, 1914: Germans sweep through Belgium.

Aug. 21, 1914: Brussels falls. Belgian forces retreat to new capital Antwerp.

Aug. 20, 1914: As war rages on in Europe, another world tragedy: Pope Pius X dead in Rome.

Aug. 19, 1914: Germans pushing toward Brussels.

Aug. 18, 1914: Belgian capital moved to Antwerp. A huge battle at Waterloo reported.

Aug. 17, 1914: Japanese threat of war on Germany imperils neutrality of the United States.

Aug. 16, 1914: Battle coming which will shock world.

Aug. 15, 1914: Germans march on as war spreads across European continent.

Aug. 14, 1914: Germans capture 3 cities.

Aug. 13, 1914: Italy making preparations to join war.

Aug. 12, 1914: Million men move to battle.

Aug. 11, 1914: British capture liner with $5,000,000. Food prices go sky high in Chicago.

Aug. 10, 1914: 10,000 Germans hold Liege; big battle near in Alsace.

Aug. 9, 1914: Liege falls, says Berlin; wires cut. French capture an Alsatian City.

Aug. 8, 1914: Germans ask halt, French advancing, Kaiser's nephew reported prisoner.

Aug. 7, 1914: British-German clash in North Sea.