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Chicago Tribune 100 Years Ago

Chicago Tribune front pages are going back. Way back. 100 years. Crime, public transit, the economy and Daniel Burnham -- you may notice that things really weren't so different. Click on each page to read the full newspaper from that day - stories, ads, photos and all.

Aug. 11, 1914: British capture liner with $5,000,000. Food prices go sky high in Chicago.

Aug. 10, 1914: 10,000 Germans hold Liege; big battle near in Alsace.

Aug. 9, 1914: Liege falls, says Berlin; wires cut. French capture an Alsatian City.

Aug. 8, 1914: Germans ask halt, French advancing, Kaiser's nephew reported prisoner.

Aug. 7, 1914: British-German clash in North Sea.

Aug. 6, 1914: Germany sends ultimatum to Italy, Belgium wins battle, thousands die.


Aug. 4, 1914: Germans capture three Russian cities; Britain to protect French Channel coast.

Aug. 3, 1914: 26 killed in first airship battle, Kaiser's armies in France, Russians in Germany.

Aug. 2, 1914: Germany now at war with Russia, France next?

Aug. 1, 1914: (directly from the paper, written as a giant headline): VIENNA -- "Conversations" between Russian and Austro-Hungarian diplomats were continued this evening. No reports of the "conversations" have been given out, BUT IT SEEMS TO BE ADMITTED AGAIN TONIGHT THAT A EUROPEAN CONFLICT IS NOT INEVITABLE."

July 31, 1914: "All of Europe a battlefield if war comes."

July 30, 1914: "Only miracle can avert war."

July 29, 1914: "Launching of war sets all Europe trembling."

July 28, 1914: Peace or war up to Kaiser, officials say. We all know what road he'll choose.

July 27, 1914: As the realization of war sets in, the front page - just like today - is devoted to the latest and biggest breaking news from the forefront.

July 26, 1914: "Austria and Servia break, war in sight." Oh what foreshadowing we had 100 years ago today.

July 25, 1914: Ominous. Europe as a whole fears all-out war due to Serbian crisis.

July 24, 1914: A young girl, aged just 2 years, mistook ammonia for club soda and drank it. She died of her injuries.

July 23, 1914: An armistice has been declared in Mexico in which "all fighting will cease at once."

July 22, 1914: The identity of a woman in white who was run down by a streetcar in the South Loop is still a mystery. So attention turns to her engraved wedding ring to figure out who she is.

July 21, 1914: A blacksmith who lives on West Lake Street, today near Paulina, fought to have the assessment on his home/business reduced and won. He had 12 children, 6 of whom are still alive. And he said that he has never been able to save more than $150 in his entire life because of the expense of taking care of his family.

July 20, 1914: Quite a mystery unfolding on the front page today. Someone cut off the tail of Bessie the cow.

July 19, 1914: A direct descendant of former president Van Buren was found dead today in her New York City apartment.

July 18, 1914: President Wilson has concerns about Carranza's rule in Mexico. He fears a bloody uprising.