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Kennedy assassination headline, 1963. (From photogallery "Chicago's defining moments: 1840-1963"

April 12, 1983: Harold Washington elected. The City of Chicago has its first black mayor. Washington was inaugurated on April 29, 1983.

Historic change in Libya, 2011.

Steve Jobs dies, 2011.

Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak steps down after youth-led revolt, 2011.

Earthquake in Haiti, 2010.

Massacre at Virginia Tech, 2007.

Tsunami brings death and destruction, 2004

Ronald Reagan dies, 2004.

Space Shuttle Columbia explodes, 2003.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated, 1968.

World War I begins, 1914.

Voting rights for women, 1920.

Titanic sinks, 1912.

Dedication of the Statue of Liberty, 1886.

The start of the stock market crash and Great Depression, 1929.

The bombing of Pearl Harbor, 1941.

President Nixon steps down, 1974. Ford: "The nightmare is over."