"Staphylococcus epidemidis" is one of 33 known species belonging to the genus Staphylococcus. Part of human skin flora (commensal). It can also be found in mucous membranes and in animals. Due to contamination, it is probably most common species found in laboratory tests. Although "S. epidermis" is not usually pathogenic, patients with compromised immune systems are at risk for developing infection -- can be both nosocomial or community acquired, but pose a greater threat to hospital patients."

✿ Sea Anemones are Groovy ~ From: Deep Blue Home ~ Julia Whitty ~ Northeast Pacific ✿

✿ Small Giant Clams~Tridacna Maxima is a species of bivalve found throughout the Indo-Pacific.The attractive colours of the small giant clam are the result of pigment cells, which have a crystalline structure inside. These are thought to protect the clam from the effects of intense sunlight, or bundle light to enhance photosynthesis, the energy-producing process carried out by the tiny algae living within. Found in Africa, India, China, Australia, Southeast Asia and the islands of the Pacific. ✿

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rainforest fungi- lamington national park



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