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Fire Pit Cooking any caveman would be proud of! Really a great idea. Love the way the cooking grate swings away to load up with cooking items.

Swings are sooooo cool!!

My old wooden swing rotted away; this looks like my next project!

"..Kept looking at the swing set,thinking that i would give up all of the sick days i had a few healthy ones."(8.121). Hazels showing that she has a soft side in which she is talking about her childhood which was cancer free.

great idea for a backyard get together

Backyard swings are no longer just for the kids. Swings provide a place to relax and enjoy your beautiful yard.

Indoor swings... basement future?

swings - when I was a kid my elderly neighbors had one of these in their yard - they used to let me use it. I'd scramble over the stonewall and could spend hours spinning, swinging and just sitting on it. Sigh.

I’m pretty sure swinging is still a thrill no matter what your age is and it’s even better when you find one that’s not kiddie-size. Italian designer Francesco Rota has you covered with this squeal-inducing basket swing called Adagio for Paola Lenti.

I'm going to make one out of old bleacher board and hang it from our big white pine. Mine will be blue and say something else, though I've not decided what.

Water Swings... must find where this so i can put them in my back yard!