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The dog's face is like "Yeah, I know I'm cool."

I'd like to have a place where I'm allowed on the couch..

Frankie the pug walking on his front legs! This video is hilarious!!!

I'm just a little yorkie who likes to bark and sing when I sit on your lap. I feel like a king.

Watch This Dog Enjoy A Home Spa Will Make You Want To Be A Dog

  • Paula Prasetya

    It is cute but the dog looks like has been put to sleep ...

  • Noelle Rayan

    Is the dog okay? The other one looks pretty worried

  • Kola

    The other one looks jealous. ;)

  • JoEllen Bazat

    I agree, dog looks like it's been drugged!

  • Kola

    That's what a good massage will do! (I thought so too, at first.But, she is blinking in there and opened her eyes slightly once).