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I love my funny friends!

  • Jeana Louis

    Definitely us!!! Only we know what we're laughing about!!!

emma....your my fruit to my loop, your the jolly to my rancher and your the light to my bulb and most of all...your my toilet paper to my poop

Friends Forever !!

Please don't ask for my advice when all you really want is for me to validate that the incredibly stupid decision you are about to make regardless of what I tell you, ok.

Daily Odd Compliment: I love the way your mind works. I mean, sometimes I think you're cute, and the things you say make no sense, but then other times I'm like, "That is literally the best idea I've ever heard in my entire life."

Friends are those who will pick you up when no one else has even noticed you have fallen.

It's all about good friends and good shopping

It's all about good friends and good shopping ~ God is Heart

The best therapy in the world is time out with your friends..

No matter what, the company of good friends beats everything..

A good friend is a connection to life, a tie to the past, a road to the future, the key to sanity in a totally insane world. ~ Lois Wyse

Friendship is the ability to talk total nonsense and have that nonsense respected.

Never let your friends feel lonely..disturb them all the time.

One friend can change your whole life..