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Desiree Maerz

Desiree Maerz

If I spent as much time on projects as I do looking at project ideas, I'd have a gorgeous house.

Mine was way over due. I used the baking powder method, and my ring looks so good!

Why is white on white so beautiful?

Pop Tab bracelet- I love it when people take ordinary things and make them beautiful.

This would look great in my backyard!

Simple but very loveable coffee table.

This just makes me go, " day."

I could paint this, seeing as I can't make the rod iron part.

I have a big door like this, was thinking of rounding the top like this.

might do this to replace the coffee table I have going right now

I've always wanted to do this. It's on my long list of 'one day'.

We really waste so much space.

Gotta try this one day.