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Biography Bottles. Use a water bottle or a two liter soda bottle. Great idea for historical figures or book characters.

Pink Slip - For students who don't have homework.- I love the options for why homework was not done, this would be good to combine with the no homework binder. Have a list of options and kids write a number for the reason they don't have their homework.

Whether you're a new teacher, new to middle school, or just pressing the reset button for the year, I hope you find some new and different things to think about because, well, I'm somewhat opinionated! :) By: Erin Cobb

Tree of Life writing project. Have students draw a ring for each year of their life and then write and illustrate events from that year inside each ring.

E is for Explore!: Tree of Life Timeline

TRANSITIONS: Students use Transition Tickets to: 1) summarize chapters, 2) preview units, 3) review lectures, 4) evaluate information, & 5) assess comprehension. 30 tickets (containing four stems and directions for using them) are included in this product. (priced item) VIEW VIDEO DEMO:

Transition Tickets

Middle School Common Core resources-Reading passages are Common Core questions are included with each document. Daily Common Literature practice that can be completed in just five minutes a day, Common Core exit slips, close reading literature and informational text passages, and more.$

The BEST PENCIL SHARPENER EVER!?! - could this really solve my pencil sharpening woes?

Firehouse Red | Classroom Friendly Supplies

Inexpensive, colorful duct tape to flag pencils and help prevent them from disappearing!

The Disappearing Pencil Trick | Kristen Dembroski, Ph.D.

I Want to be a Super Teacher: Grammatical Name Art

I Want to be a Super Teacher: Grammatical Name Art

The Creative Classroom: Student Goal Setting and Data Tracking Transformed My Classroom

An ecological model of student behavior is a helpful way to understand how ecological factors interact. Multiple levels of sphere’s influence behavior and functioning. From this perspective, we can see that a student who is not highly skilled at regulating emotions may lash out angrily or violently in school. The school then has a choice to respond in a manner that teaches the student these skills, or to punish the student, and possibly escalating the situation or alienating the student.

What's Skow-ing on in 4th Grade??: back to school

What's Skow-ing on in 4th Grade??: back to school

27 things to do with students who don't pay attention

Pay attention, please...

Reminders because I ALWAYS forget to remind at the end of class! So smart!

Clutter-Free Classroom: Polka Dots and Spots Themed Classrooms

love this idea! #MLKDay--when you close your eyes and think of peace, what do you see? .... this would be a great whole school Bulletin Board

FREE Reading Response Ideas~ Activities include: Making and measuring animal replicas, mailing book "talk" postcards home, creating book-topic cereal box ads, and a lot more. Even if you get just one new idea, it's worth taking a minute to check out this creative and diverse list of ideas organized by genre!

Literacy_Through_Genres_Handout.pdf - Google Drive

Class roster on a lanyard; easy attendance in case of emergencies. Nice! {image only}