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12 Ways Pornography Leaks Into Your Home (and how to stop them)

12 Ways Pornography Leaks Into Your Home (and How to Stop Them)

Lego Temple Creations, these are neat, instructions to build one with your family. (SO many awesome temples, and how neat that they do this as a family!)

Build In Holy Places: May 2013

Make your own baseball donuts- so cute and easy to make. Perfect for snack, team party or birthday party!

Make Your Own Baseball Donuts

24 X Lego Chima Wafer Paper Cup Cake Tops

So creative and useful. A DVD Case to hold a Faith In God booklet and a chart to track progress. This came from Jennifer Hawkins on Beehive Messages. She just changed her blog to a Facebook page, Beehive Messages, join her page for so many great ideas...especially Seminary Teaching ideas.

It can happen anywhere—at home, at school, or at a friend’s house. Suddenly you see something you know isn’t good—on a phone, TV, computer, or game device, or in a book or magazine. Now what can you do to feel better?

"PJ'S": prayer journal & scriptures reminder pillows for your kids' beds

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A MONEY SYSTEM THAT REALLY WORKS - Shawni's tried just about everything when it comes to teaching her kids about work and money. And she's finally come up with a system that really works. Check out what works for her family as you design a system that's just right for your family.

This is great for the first cell phone, I would take a couple things off and add one like I will not promote or participate in texting and driving.

This is something we do often in our home. Whenever we ask a child to do something and he or she responds with "I'd love to!" then a pom pom goes in the jar. When it's full, we go out for frozen yogurt. We don't do it ALL the time, but it's an investment in a habit that has resulted in sweet responses (even without the yogurt). -April

Favorite Read-Aloud Books for Boys (from a mom of 4 sons!)

Sharing the Wealth: Little Boy Tie Tutorial