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Life in the '80's

ATTENTION KMART SHOPPERS! Oh I feel sorry for you young modern internet shoppers. The instant pop-up sale, everyone racing to find the flashing blue light! 1970's - Good times!

Calvin, Kmart and the Blue Light Special

Film cartridge for a Kodak 110 camera

110 film - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Pins - on your jean jacket of course! I had a bandana w/ pins all over hanging from my rea rview mirror

80s COSTUME PARTY 1" Badges X15- Retro kitsch punk set1

The first generic brands. white packaging with black letters. Just awful.

Generica | HiLobrow

"History of Saturday Morning Cartoons." The 80's were the best.

  • Penny Kraemer

    Tried explaining to my 11 year old nephew how we used to have to wait all week to watch cartoons. He looked at me like I was an alien.

CABBAGE PATCH KOOSAS Cat with White Hair. This is the exact one I have.