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meaningful tattoos

150 Pins

meaningful tattoos

  • 150 Pins

French Toast Roll-Ups with Nutella and strawberries @Lerynn Gilmette Stratton

This would be cool with the quote "every sinner has a future and every saint has a past" I think that's how the quote goes

Fantastic angel's wings

So cool

arm tattoo for fashion girl #tattoo #arm #girls

30 Amazing Sleeve Tattoo Designs For Girls | RandomlyNew

Mystic by Elton Menezes

OH MY GOD THIS IS PERFECTION / Mermaid Watercolor Tattoo by Victor Octaviano, brazilian tattooist.

This watercolor tattoo was clearly inspired by the famous Love sculpture by Robert Indiana. #LOVE #InkedMagazine #tattoo #tattoos

Watercolor Tattoos - Inked Magazine

This is beautiful. A semicolon over self harm scars to represent that your life could've ended but you kept going.

“it was in love i was created and in love is how i hope to die”

Tattoo Submission: Mila (Denmark) - Tattoologist

Such a sad tattoo

Lotus Flower - A lovely flower that can grow in mud and dirty water.

Scarification Our bodies our ink

love this idea

She believed that she could so she did Tattoo

So she did. - Tattoologist

viking symbol called inguz, means "where there is a will, there is a way"

Foot. | Tattoologist

Geek Tattoos - The Legend of Zelda hylian crest Triforce tatoo

Ooooooo my this is awesome

Sasha Unisex | A R T N A U

Couple tat?

Still beautiful.

  • Tamisha Green

    Dear Colleen, I'm not sure if your "nope" was meaning "No, I don't like the tattoo" or was it meant to put the woman in the picture down? If so, you, my dear, are a heartless human being. Beauty radiates from the inside, and I can tell you one thing right now. Based upon your personality, you are uglier than sin. There is no need to put others down that way.

  • Tamisha Green

    Dear Miss Colleen, Did I ever accuse you of either one? No I did not. I just simply said that I wasn't sure which one you were implying to. Maybe you should be more forward in what you mean when you comment on something. Also, maybe YOU should reread what I said. I did not accuse you of either one. I told my opinion on what I thought if you were meaning to put the woman in the picture down. I'm not the "Dumb ass" here. You should reread what I said before you come at me in the way that you had.

Tathunting for typographic tats #tattoo #tattoos #ink #inked

heart tattoo

Denim Jackets Men, But Jeans, Tattoo Shops, Jeans Jackets, Double Denim, Men Fashion Tattoo, Tattoo Photography, Denim Jackets For Men, Men Style Tattoo

sleeve #tattoo.

Tattoo For Girls Ngdj : 3D Tattoo Design Idea

wrist quote

Dots To Line: Minimalist, Black Ink, Geometric Tattoos by Chaim Machley