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8.) Takakanonuma Greenland in Hobart, Japan (closed in 1999) walking down a hallway...~Jazeebelle

Some great quotes about life and it's quality.

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19 of the Weirdest and Creepiest Locations on Earth. The Thought of These Places Really Keeps Me Awake at Night

Creepiest thing about the Ohio asylum cemetery is the presence of two gravestones marked simply SPECIMENS. What the hell are specimens? They must have been human at one time, or they wouldn't have bothered with interment. Maybe they had medical school labs at the old hospital. Whatever the reason, the specimens gravestones are just plain bizarre.

..yeah, i know it's my boyfriend as Bane... but i think i can come up with something else for this...

Fire rainbows are the rarest of all naturally occurring atmospheric phenomena. For a fire rainbow to occur, cirrus clouds must be 20,000 feet in the air with the precise amount of ice crystals, and then the Sun must hit the clouds at 58 degrees. *Stardust*

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