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I'm gonna finish all my piercingly this year. !!- OT

Three piercings - with short hair.

Love the piercings, arrangement and placement.

Call me crazy but I want this!

Modern placement for ear piercing as developed by myself with the help of Chad Johnson. Tash rook, daith and ear head/forward helix locations depicted. Not sure if I will include suggested positions of pearls on the upper flap of the ear from the Chanel 2012 spring campaign. Map is being developed for new Maria Tash website and for placement inspiration.

aha cool but idk if id do them all :P

If I can't get the helix to work I'm getting this!

Cute ear piercings flower detail mis matched

i want my ears pierced like that (:

If the pain wouldn't be that bad, I'd get this as soon as I turn 18

  • Jordan Murray

    I got this done about a year ago. I have a LOT of piercings and tattoos, so I'm used to the pain. BUT this one hurt soooo bad for me. I don't know if the piercer just didn't know what he was doing, but it was so so painful I almost passed out

  • Sierra Davis

    I wanted to get this done today and was told they felt this pic was photo shopped. He said the cartilage might scar and not leave a pretty mark.

  • Melanie Tassone

    I got this done, and the pain is endurable. It's not bad!

  • Sierra Davis

    I got mines done about three weeks ago.

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