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Chocolate fun facts

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Talking #chocolate on CTV Morning Live, September 15, 2014.

Taking a Chocolatour

Did you know there is a place in the US that grows #cacao?

Growing Cacao on American Soil

The Good of Chocolate -- an infographic of what is good and true...Chocolate!

The Good of Chocolate |

#Cocoa beans are dried in the sun and then heat roasted to enhance the flavour of the #chocolate they will produce.

Q & A with Chocolatour | A Taste for Travel with Michele Peterson

Find out the differences in #chocolate from country to country in this post at #chocolatour

Best Chocolate Destinations Around The World -

The original-hawaiian-chocolate-factory is the only place in the US that grows cacao and makes #chocolate all on the same site.

The #cocoa beans at the Original Hawaiian #Chocolate Factory are sun-dried for 30 days.

Hawaii is the only place in the US that grows cacao (cocoa.)

growing cacao in Hawaii - Chocolate Travel Diversions

#Chocolatour receives five-star review from Readers' Favorite | Best #chocolate book ever!

#Cocoa nibs add crunch and flavour to spice up your fruit & yogurt. Try it! You'll find them at fine #chocolate shops & at some health food stores as they're high in #antioxidants.

chocolate sculpture

The country in which the cocoa is grown will greatly affect the flavour of the #chocolate that is produced from it.

#Chocolate fact

cacao trees abort cocoa pods they cannot support.

Eat your #chocolate!

7 things you ned to know about #chocolate

Awesome infograph of #chocolate flavors & profiles based on country of origin... who knew there could be so many flavours in chocolate?

#chocogasms are a woman's way of expressing #chocolate love.

#cocoa comes in some beautiful colours.

Where will you be celebrating World #Chocolate Weekend?

There are #chocolate companies like #Kallari that produce sustainable, organic #glutenfree chocolate that is delicious.

where #chocolate comes from

MAP OF THE DAY: Where The World's Chocolate Comes From

One woman’s quest to find and write about the world’s best #chocolate may be the sweetest job imaginable.