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Aerial View Snowmen- Gr.2 OH! all sorts of lessons about perspective popped into my head!!!

Aerial View Snowmen


Olympic skiing people, pulled on strong thru a straw!

La classe della maestra Valentina: UNA GARA DI SCI

Personal Snowglobes with Photo

Printable Snowman Faces | Printable Snowman Craft

Printable Snowman Craft

Snowman surprise-reward good class behavior by adding to the snowman, once he is built get a prize

Catching Snowflakes - Love this for a winder art project

Artwork published by msallums1

Warm/Cool Snowmen Paintings

Artolazzi: Warm/Cool Snowmen Paintings

WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE ART ROOM?? "Snowmen" Lots of snowman lessons out there. . . but this is great. Inspired b y Snowmen At Night, the students worked on value, analogous colors, cropping and composition. very cool, indeed!

how to fold and cut great snowflakes

Bon Temps Beignet: Faux Sneaux Flakes

This little button and yarn snowman is oh so small and oh so cute! Just a few buttons, a piece of ribbon and some yarn - fast, fun and easy!