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What You Can Learn From The Texting Girl In A Bar Episode Of Family Guy

Time lapse photo of hundreds of sunsets. (Photo credit goes to Matt Molloy) - Imgur

Guillermo Del Toro Says He's Prepared To Do 'At The Mountains Of Madness' As PG-13 Now

Cute in a frame in the guest room

IROCKSOWHAT: Wifi Password Printable

How To Pick Up Girls In Coffee Shops

How To Pick Up Girls In Coffee Shops - Texting Girls

Guys, kissing is super important to getting a girl into bed. If you aren't sure if you are a good kisser (and even if you are) you need to read this article!

Sugarbooger Flip and Sip Container, Dia De Los Muertos. Possibly the coolest sippy cup I have ever seen.

Download the Magnetic Messaging PDF and learn the secrets to getting dates via text message!

DIY tumbled glass or stone rings.

Cool Diaper Bags For Men. Just 'cause you are packing formula and diapers doesn't mean you have to look frilly!

Cities that spoil their kids the most. Sort of sad that we can even track this sort of metric!

Lloyd Pye announces startling new genetic evidence that Starchild skull is of alien origin

Now This Is How You Design Aliens: Actually Make Them Look Alien | Kotaku Australia

Art created in the dust on a car's windows. Pretty inventive if you ask me. I know I don't have the skill to do it and probably wouldn't have thought of even trying!

Abraham Lincoln Filed a Patent for Facebook in 1845

FYI, You Can Still Marry Your Cousin In North Carolina (as long as they are not the same sex as you.)

Some really cool stop-motion work featuring games that people used to play before electronic games came out.

It is really amazing the lengths people will go to in the search for a way to survive. Why has man taken over the planet? Because we will go through damn near anything to get food for our families when we really have to.