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little woollie: a blog about crocheting. Her designs are SO colorful and fun!

Fabric Heaven! Great place to look for fabric, patterns, and lots of ideas. ;o)

Sweet Station blog: a diverse art blog. Some artwork is NSFW.

Magicalnaturetour: Nice collection of animal photos, gifs and writing. And sources are cited. :-)

  • zendegy

    oh, my god. this is precious!! hey, i think i have seen the little girl in your main pic in another photo. is that actually you?

  • Chris Dalrymple

    Yep, that's me. :-)

  • zendegy

    that is hysterical!! good on ya for letting sharing it all with the world! :o) i love it!

Family Handyman: this site tells you how to fix, maintain or build just about anything in your house.

Better After blog: before and after photos of furniture refinishing, upholstery, etc. There are also some tutorials.

What's That Bug? Send in photos to figure out what you've found.

if you love modern quilts, check out Melody Johnson Quilts flickr.

Modern Day Quilt blog: she posts 5 quilts/week.

LUCAS RISÉ SANS PARAPLUIE: fabulous inspiration for painting furniture

I love everything in this store!

gudrunsjoden: they've got some larger sizes, also.

Cypripedium Perpuratum: Plate from Flore des Serres et Des Jardins de L’Europe Volume XI, opposite page 173. Plate from Flore des Serres et Des Jardins de L’Europe Volume XI. Scans of 2 d images in the public domain believed to be free to use without restriction in the US.

10 Things you Need To Know about Revamped Facebook Pages; infographic by Integricity

American Craft Council Show listing. This is a fabulous source for finding fine craft artists.

Faces 2 This series constitutes Ashkan Honarvar’s search for an identity and the physical and psychological wounds inflicted on soldiers by war. Ashkan Honarvar used existing pictures of young First World War soldiers with facial mutilations.

How Your Cat Is Making You Crazy: Could tiny organisms carried by house cats be creeping into our brains, causing everything from car wrecks to schizophrenia? This is some really freaky stuff.

orange you lucky! Helen Dardik's blog. Love her illustrations and patterns. Fabric?

orange you lucky!: patterns