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Words to Live By

words keep me motivated

It's an April shower kind of a day.

It'll actually make you feel better. :)

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Take a leap of faith

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All you have to do is take a deep breath

I'm so thrilled to finally be able to truly embrace this. No more insecurities. No more self doubt. I find that I smile a lot more now that I'm free of caring what others think. I'm just me, and I'm totally happy with who that is. :)

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you'll feel so good afterward.

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  • Natalie Van

    I'm positive that affirmations marketed by a lending company are nothing to bank on.

  • Natalie Van

    Yes, accept living within your means, and not feeling compelled to trade your good health and peace of mind, for credit card debt… it's very good for your heart and your wallet!

Appreciate the unique qualities in everyone. #AcceptanceMatters #CommissionedByMasterCard

  • Sally Robertson

    Appreciate the unique qualities in everyone, even in those people who don't seem to appreciate the unique qualities in everyone

Don't wait for opportunity to present itself. #AcceptanceMatters #CommissionedByMasterCard

Don't miss the opportunity to be unique. #AcceptanceMatters #CommissionedByMasterCard

Hugs are the best. Art that I created especially for the #AcceptanceMatters #CommissionedByMasterCard