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Easy peasy tomato paste -- never thought of roasting pureed tomatoes to do this, but I'm definitely going to try it!

Easy Peasy Tomato Paste

canning chicken

Canning chicken, great for home made soup or casserole recipes.

Recipe: Rotel-Style Tomatoes

Recipe: Rotel-Style Tomatoes — Tomato Preserving 2.0

Easy Pickled Banana Peppers ◦4 cups white vinegar ◦1 1/3 cup white sugar ◦1 teaspoon mustard seeds ◦1 teaspoon celery seed ◦1 lb banana pepper, seeded and sliced in rings (or around 4 cups

Pickled Banana Peppers | The Adventure Bite

Podcast on making homemade jams and jellies like a pro. Love the tips for using low sugar or honey and how to avoid using store bough pectin. Which berries need extra acid for shelf stable, good info.

Podcast Make Homemade Jams and Jellies

Headspace: Making and Canning Chicken Stock

Headspace: Making and Canning Chicken Stock

Six ways to preserve the flavors of the season while supporting your local school at MightyNest!

Pickled Banana Peppers

Pickled Banana Peppers

Blue Ribbon Country Canning: Pickled Vegetables Recipe - a great way to use smaller portions of garden produce to put away in your pantry #canning

My little cottage in the making: SAFELY CANNING CHOCOLATE SAUCE ~ YES YOU CAN!

Canning fruit? Let the canner mix the syrup

Canning Quick Tip: Let the Canner Make the Syrup

Canning Concord Grape Juice Concentrate

Creating Nirvana: Canning Concord Grape Juice Concentrate

Recipes We Love: Canning Stove... I am in LOVE.... would work for camping too

canning food ideas | ... Pickles - Home Canning Products, Recipes, Ideas, and More - Mrs. Wages

Canning Green Beans Fresh Green Beans Plain Salt Directions Wash Beans. Cut beans into 1”-2” pieces. Fill jars with green beans. Put 1 teaspoon of plain salt in each quart jar and a ½ teaspoon for each pint jar. Fill Jars with hot water. Process green beans in pressure cooker. Check lid for a seal before storing

Krista's Kitchen: Posts from the Farm: Canning Green Beans

Canning Green beans potatoes (I'd like to add carrots to this)

Hickery Holler Farm: Dehydrated Hash Brown Potatoes

Home Canning Green Beans This is a great find. My mother use to can green beans with bacon and new potatoes! Was soooo good. I'd forgotten about that until I saw this.

Home Canning Green Beans

Big Batch Spaghetti Sauce from Great way to make up a large batch of tomato sauce from your garden to freeze or can for later use.

Big Batch Spaghetti Sauce

Home Canned Pizza Sauce {from frozen or fresh tomatoes} - An Oregon Cottage

Canning Potatoes at Ozark Mountain Family Homestead

Ozark Mountain Family Homestead: Canning Potatoes