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Sketchbook Andrea Joseph

By HappyCentro

Ariana Page Russell - Index. C-print. 17” x 23” 2005. "I have dermatographia, a condition in which one’s immune system releases excessive amounts of histamine, causing capillaries to dilate and welts to appear (lasting about thirty minutes) when the hypersensitive skin’s surface is lightly scratched. This allows me to painlessly draw on my skin with just enough time to photograph the results."

Blabla chairs by Delphine Boel Brussels, Belgium Details SculptureMetalPop Art 55.1 x 23.6 x 29.9 inOther Original Available $17,000.00

to say Nothing 4 by Yana Smetanina Details Mixed MediaAssemblage / CollageAbstract 35.4 x 23.6 x 0.4 inCarbon Fibre

Avoiding superfluous words by Stanislav Miroff St.-Petersburg, Russia Details PhotographyColorFine

Epilogue by Randy Klein London, Great Britain (UK) Details Assemblage / CollageDigitalExpressionism 18.9 x 13.4 inPaper

Damned words which confuse everything by Marc Janus Madrid, Spain Details PaintingOilExpressionism 51.2 x 51.2 inCanvas

A single written word is better than the best memory by Conor Collins Manchester, United Kingdom Details DrawingPen and InkExpressionism 49.6 x 39.4 x 0.6 inCanvas, Paper