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Austin, TX

Austin is probably one of my favorite places to visit. The site, sounds, smells, and just sheer volume of things to experience there are what make up this board from my short to very long visits...^_^

the oh so wonderful Magnolia...try the mag mud...basically the most epic cheese dip that you'll ever eat...bring either a big appetite or a bunch of's a lot

from Gourdoughs I know it looks disgusting, but it's wonderful...chocolate icing, strawberries and a nice warm cake doughnut...mmm mmm good

Gourdough's -- delicious doughnuts...heaven for your mouth

great tacos...delicious

state capital

view from state capital

state capital

Ken's Donuts...again...soooo nummy

Elizabeth Ney Art Museum...old Texas

the Trinity River

the capital

sun setting over the Trinity River

Barton Springs!

Ken's donuts EVER!!!

Flip crape you will ever eat...omg amazing I had the ham and Gruyere...mmmmm...mmm ... good

Waiting for the Bats