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Boxer/Lab mix - "Boxador"

I love mixed breeds, or "mutts" .... or any dog for that matter. When I came across a Boxer Lab mix, I fell in love with it. I found that they are often called a "Boxador," which is kind of silly. I'm not trying to support "designer dogs," or backyard breeders, who often breed without considering health. If I ever come across one of these dogs I definitely would love to own it! They seem like the perfect dog for me.

Looks so much like Winston...minus the squish face :) Five month old boxer/lab Classifieds Photo Viewer

Can't help myself, this is Monte, he is for sale in Utah and is beautiful! Five month old boxer/lab

  • Joëlle Gazaille

    Too bad we are too far away … I am currently searching for a companion to our Boxador Foster…

Boxador, 1 year old, Black/white spot on chest, Kodi at 8 weeks with our cat Amaya. Now Kodi's head is bigger than Amaya's whole body. They get along great.

Boxador, 6 Months, Honey/Golden, He has a very relaxed personality and he loves to cuddle on the couch. He was born on May 22, 2009, on the day of our aniversary. Must be the center of attention at all times, he loves kids and other dogs of all sizes and breeds. He favorite thing to do is going over to Grandmas as soon as we turn down her street he starts to get very excited and bolts to the door as soon as we let him out of the car.

Boxador, 7 weeks, Brown, Bella at 7 weeks...She is almost 10 weeks now

Boxador puppy for sale in Utah January 27th, 2013. About 7 weeks old Classifieds Photo Viewer

Boxador for sale in Utah 1-23-13 Classifieds Photo Viewer

Boxador for sale in Utah 1-23-13

Boxador puppies for sale in hard not to get them all! January 2013 Classifieds Photo Viewer

Adorable Boxador puppy pics.PNG #boxadorable

Adorable Boxador puppy pics.PNG (1 comment)

Bailey is a Boxer/Lab mix. Best two breeds I know of in one silly package.

Bailey The Boxer Mixed - Funny Pictures of Puppy Dogs Upside Down
  • Sue

    That is exactly what my Boxer/Lab mix looks like. Always on his back being goofy! :)

Boxer & Black Lab Puppies, Gorgeous, Sweet & Adorable! 9 Weeks Old