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Inspirational words

Really felt this saying goodbye to my senior yoga students as I pack up and head to Florida.

"To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time." ~ Leonard Bernstein This philosophy of time and planning really resonates with me. I've always found deadlines an...

Inspired: The 2 ingredients you need to do great work

When I began to think about relocating, my amazing friend, Sara, suggested I make a Pinterest board of every city that’s interesting to me. She had done that when she decided to move to Austin and it really helped her look forward to the change. I followed her wise advice and it’s working like a charm. Check out the board I made for Florida: As you can see, I’m looking forward to more time in the natural world!

Inspired: Find the courage to face change with photographs

We’re only gardeners of our lives. We plant. We provide what nourishment we have. We wait. The sun, soil, and water do the rest. Then we do our best with what sprouts. It’s terrifying and freeing, frustrating and empowering. Do the right thing for you right now. Plant a seed. Plant lots of them. And let that be enough. The world germinates in mysterious ways.

Inspired: Judge your progress like a garden

The future takes shape one step at a time.

Christa in New York

Madeline in New York – Ludwig Bemelmans Art Exhibit at New-York Historical Society | Christa in New York

I'm moving to Orlando, Florida!

Inspired: I'm Moving to Orlando, Florida

Early on, all our movies suck. Saying that in a softer way fails to convey how bad the first versions really are. Pixar films are not good at first, and our job is to make them so–to go ‘from suck to not-suck’.” ~ Ed Catmull, President of Pixar. The moral of the story: keep going.

Inspired: If we keep writing, the pieces will snap together

"Would you want to know when you're going to die?""No.""But if you could, what would you do with the time you had left?""I'd try to figure out how to be happy.""Then why don't you?" ~ From The Angriest Man in Brooklyn

How Sing After Storms won at the Thespis Theater Festival

Writing a novel is grueling work, and we could all use a little help. Luckily for us, there’s plenty of it to go around. The writing world is a generous world. Online resources to help you plan and write your novel: christainnewyork....

Inspired: Online resources to help you plan and write your novel

Inspired: Today is the 5-Year Anniversary of the Apartment Building Fire That Changed My Life | Christa in New York

Inspired: A life of “oh well”s is a better than a life of “what if”s | Christa in New York

What a seed teaches us about risk-taking | Christa in New York. Nature is so wise.

Inspired: What a seed teaches us about risk-taking

Meet Emerson Page - the heroine of my first novel, Where the Light Enters

The land has so much to teach us. When farmers plant crops, they rotate them so that the land has a chance to rest. Land that’s rested grows the best crops. We’re the same way. A mind and body that’s rested is able to give its best. So take a load off this Labor Day. Do what you love. Be with people and animals you love. Enjoy the sun, sand, surf, and breeze. Tomorrow will be here soon enough.

Inspired: Another lesson from the dirt—the power of rest

“You cannot value dreams according to the odds of their coming true.” ~ Justice Sonia Sotomayor All dreams are difficult. If working toward them makes us feel alive, if we the time we spend on them feels like time well spent, and if we learn something in the process no matter what the outcome, then they are worth every ounce of effort we put into them. Their real value is not in their achievement but in how they help us evolve toward our best selves.

Inspired: How to value dreams

Fantastic writing advice

Inspired: Free your writing and write for children

“How the hell am I going to get up there?” I search around the base of the vertical mountain. Eventually I find a foothold. It’s small, but solid, so there’s my 1st step. From that slightly elevated view, I find another small place to grip and pull myself one inch higher. This is how the journey of every big dream goes: many small bits of progress taken one at a time. The key is to get started right now and not give up.

At 3am my greatest fears surface. “What are you doing?” “That’s a terrible idea!” “You’ll be all alone!” To exercise those little gremlins, I write them down in the notebook I keep next to my bed and then put an “X” through them. Then I lay down and silently say “I'm okay” until I fall asleep again. At night, the good and bad rise up in our minds. All we can do is get it all down, throw out what harms, keep what helps, and get some more sleep. Tomorrow needs us at our best.

Yesterday I was offered the largest consulting contract of my career. I turned it down because it’s not the work I want to do anymore. Was that the right choice? Definitely. Did it hurt to let it go? Absolutely. This is the tough work of commitment, the work no one tells us about. Focus and commitment are not a one and done deal. They requirement constant vigilance; temptation to veer off-course is everywhere. Do your work. Walk your road.

Inspired: They only work we have to do

Art and business are creative acts. Both require inspiration and perspiration to build something of value. The difference is where each begins. In business, we assess the market early on in the process and we try to mitigate risk. We have to create art before we know if there’s an audience for it. Art is an act of faith. The more we risk, the better. To have impact, business and art need an audience. They just go about finding their audiences is very different (and wonderful) ways.

Inspired: The difference between business and art

When the reader is ready, the writer will appear.

Inspired: When the reader is ready, the writer will appear

You're Entirely Bonkers Wood Sign Alice in Wonderland

My beautiful and intensely wise yogi friend, Sara Kleinsmith, sent this to me as I was telling her about my decision to write full-time and.

Inspired: Just go for it