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James Patterson - Women's Murder Club...Very addicting and suspenseful!!

# 17.Don't Blink by James Patterson .... of course it's good.

Love the Women's Murder Club Series by James Patterson. Have enjoyed MANY of his other books as well.

Books: Women's Murder Club | The Official James Patterson Website

Now You See Her, James Patterson:: The Perfect Life, The Perfect Lie, The Perfect Way to Die

I'd love to read every James Patterson Novel written.. it might take my entire life, but I am up for the challenge! I just Love JP!

Not this book specifically (I've never read anything in this series), but I need to read more James Patterson in general

Many of the Alex Cross series by James Patterson have been made into movies...but the books are ALWAYS better!

Big Bad Wolf is just one of the many Alex Cross books by James Patterson. Alex Cross is a great character and the books are great :)

James Patterson