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Recycled Rubber Edge Border. Even If You Could Lay Bark Mulch In Perfect Circles Or Borders, It Would Soon Look Ragged Or Need Replenshing. These Mulch Mats Always Look Crisp, Because They Can't Be Scattered. Use Around Raised Beds, Walkways Or Foundation Plantings Mow Right Over It!

Want this! But it should say, "There's a chance this is Malibu"

Have your pic drawn like a Disney character - $15 for color or only $5 for b/w. I had a disney artist draw me years ago on a scrap piece of paper and I lost it. :-( I loved it so much!

OH my gosh. Auto-measure spice rack. You click it to dispense 1/4 t increments! Brilliant! $29.

send in a pic of your dog and you will get a stuffed animal that looks just like it! this probably the only way I could get another Tyson.

This is a handy little site that shows you how to apply eyeshadow depending on your eye shape.

“Large or small or inbetweener, nothing beats a Cleaner Weener!”

Dandelion Necklace - I love this so much. Want one for myself and lots of other people too!

Bloomy Buddy Fashion design with flowers! Get your creativity on.

Rings made out of soap, they slowly disappear as you wash your hands. Cool!

You will never need another pink lipstick if you're willing to spend money on this. By reacting with the chemicals in your body, it turns your lips their own, personal shade of pink! Fabulous!