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Never thought about giving a paint job to those ugly plastic containers to make them cute like the rest of the room! such a great idea!

tip on either making non-skinny jeans into skinny jeans, or your skinny jeans skinnier if they stretch!

Tutorial on how & why to properly clean your makeup brushes. (a tablespoon of white vinegar in a cup of hot water, and a 20 minute soak, followed by a hot, then cold rinse and pat dry will do it. Disinfects, dissolves grease/makeup, leaves no film, and inexpensive.)

Tips for Easter Egg Hunts… in the Dark and more Fun Egg Hunt Ideas! {now that my boys are older, we've taken the egg hunts up a level!} #easter #egg #hunt #ideas

adorable- coffee beans and a votive candle with a pretty ribbon

DIY Paper flowers. A nice way to decorate packages without buying wrapping paper or bows.

iphone projector. Watch movies and photo slides with your iphone on the wall….like the old days!

Snowflakes! I like how it shows you what cuts you need to make to get the desired look... Something I have always had a difficult time conceptualizing!

Ever needed an on-the-go phone charger? Here's an awesome idea camouflaged in an Altoid tin! (Via Maker Shed)

Place vanilla scented tea lights in a bowl of coffee beans. The warmth of the candles will heat up the coffee beans and make your house smell like french vanilla coffee.

Carry Seasoning in a Straw Use straws to store salt, pepper, and spices for camping trips. Heat one end of a clear plastic straw with a lighter, then crimp it with your fingers or a multitool. Fill the straw with the desired seasoning, and repeat the process on the other end. Just snip off one of the ends when you’re cooking, and reseal it when you’re done. Store in a plastic bag in case of a leak

The Best Ever Blueberry Muffins. Will have to try this recipe soon!

to get rid of the nasty black gunk in your drain: 1. Boil a pot of water. 2. Meanwhile pour baking soda down the drain. 3. Once the water has reached a rolling boil pour it down the drain. 4. Let the water and baking soda work at decomposing and sterilizing the grime for 10 minutes. 5. After 10 minutes, pour 1 cup of bleach down the drain to completely kill any remaining mildew or bacteria. this process every few months. It will also keep the nasty mildew smell at bay.

Don’t ever buy a box spring again, and never waste the space under your bed. So cool...