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Disadvantages of Globalisation

Exploitation of workers, Job loss, World inequality, Economic damages, etc

This cartoon emphasises the impact on developing countries, that rich countries only trade with other rich countries, avoiding the poor nations, which will lead to bigger gap between countries.

  • Joe Lorentzen

    In class, they are trying to brain wash us that globalization is a good thing.

This blog is about disadvantages of globalisation that may affect future technology and economics. Service offshoring is one of the examples, where a local job can be performed remotely by an offshore worker

It is about the negative effects of globalisation that it increses the number of loafer, lost of cultures, and the difficulty of competition.

It is about the oil spills and people in Nigeria suffer through this.

This video shows the disadvantages of globalisation, such as social irresponsibility and degredation of the environment.

This is the article about job loss, income inequality and labour market displacement in the US caused by globalisation.

Oil spills-a crew begins to clean and scrub oil from each rock.-due to globalisation and trade, which is environmental damage.

It talks about the risk of globalisation and the line graph shows that the risk is increasing dramatically since 2007.

This video shows about the Nike sweatshops and exploitation of workers due to globalisation.

In the cartoon, the man is cleaning and covering the old houses, which represents the developing countries, because of the new apartments. It shows that globalisation makes the gap between the rich and the poor; it accelerated world inequality.