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Planes, Trains, And Automobiles Baby Shower

Creative Charity: Airplane Baby Shower Favors

  • Christine Gault

    These are cute! You could do Chapstick instead of the smarties candy for a take home favor.

planes.jpg 1,600×680 pixels

Practice cupcakes for upcoming baby shower!!

Practice cupcakes for upcoming baby shower!!

take one for the road

  • Christine Gault

    I like this! It would fit in nicely with the trail mix table! I'll just change the tags to say "take some for the road" and place the bags with labels in a similar suitcase (my mom has one!)

  • Rhiannon Turner

    it can still work with the pre-packaged trail mix.

Neat how they wrapped train tracks/trains around things for simple, clever decorations. I have some I could supply.

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