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Art: Georges Pierre Seurat

George Pierre Seurat was a master of the art world. Using the canvas as a meeting place for thousands upon thousands tiny dots-Pointillism made it's debut. He worked with both sketching, capturing light/dark effect, as well as color. His art lends me a beautiful resting parks, and watersides...he was truly a gifted man.

Georges Seurat - A Sunday on La Grande Jatte (1884) - Variation

Georges Seurat, Pierrot with a White Pipe (Aman-Jean), 1883, Oil on canvas, (Private collection)

The White Coat Georges Seurat 1883 This is my favorite of Seurat's works...I absolutely love this...

Woman with a Monkey, Georges Seurat. French Pointillist Painter (1859 - 1891)

The Watering Can - Georges Seurat, 1883

Model in Profile - Georges Seurat, 1886

Georges Seurat - A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte – 1884 - One of his most famous works and is an example of pointillism which took him over two years to complete. Seurat contrasted miniature dots of colors that, through optical unification, form a single hue in the viewer's eye. Fascinating execution.

Georges SEURAT La Seine à Courbevoie 1885

Georges Seurat

Rue St. Vincent in Spring - Georges Seurat, 1883-1884

Georges Seurat

Georges Seurat

George Seurat, "La Parade", 1889.