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Marathon training has been tough but in all Im doing it for one of the best persons that ever left the world and who fought cancer like a true women my aunt/bestfriend/second mom Ann Marie ♥

I'm going to act like I don't know you. - Some eCards

a mother's love tattoo - Google Search

✯ Artist Florian Karg ✯

Mother Daughter Necklace Set // Inspirational Jewelry // Simple Delicate---evelyn

shes mad but shes magic- Bukowski

♥ THIS! I am so glad The Lord Blessed me with a marriage that is so true. Such a blessing. We thank The Lord everyday. We see marriages that are failing & or not a true marriage and I pray for them. It's sad :(

Intimacy is way more than touching. Its the hug for no reason, the kiss behind your neck...laughter and great conversation is all intimate and foreplay!