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This would be perfect! Scientific Method graphic organizer

Simplifying the Scientific Process

Anchor charts - I like the personal narrative one. Could use that for beginning-of-year writing exercise to get to know students and to assess ELA skills

Teach n' Tex: Anchor Charts & a Ferris Bueller Moment

Science News Bulletin Board

My life as a mother and teacher: Science News Bulletin Board

The BEST Pinterest Boards for Every Subject!! Follow the best Math, Science, Reading, History Boards and more!

123 Homeschool 4 Me: The BEST Pinterest Boards for every Subject!

Easy way to attach library labels

Time 4 Kindergarten: New Year- New Room Decor Part 1

summary's frustrating when need to challenge them & make the work more rigorous when some kids still can't summarize when they get to 6th grade :-/

Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher: Charts

I love that their things are out from inside their desks limiting the distraction to play with their things. Great idea for organizing students personal supplies!

Flamingo Fabulous in Second Grade: Classroom Reveal

Simply and Frugally Preparing Student Birthday Gifts A Year in Advance {freebies, too!}

free close reading sheets

a year of many firsts: Close Reading Book Study: Chapter 5

At the beginning of every month, everyone starts off in the homework club. If they turn all their homework in on time, then they get to stay in the club! If they don't then they are out of the club. Students who turn all their homework in for the entire month get to come to our monthly homework club lunch.

4th Grade Frolics: Monday Made It July 1!!!!! What?!

Tales of a Fourth Grade Teacher: Angry Birds Geometry Lesson.

Tales of a Fourth Grade Teacher: Angry Birds Geometry Lesson

GET ORGANIZED! Great blog organizing notebook, if you prefer using paper

New Blogger Series - Time Management - Serendipity and Spice

10 authentic ways to hold students accountable for home reading -

10 authentic ways to hold students accountable for home reading -

Colored plastic wrap, quartered, placed over clock to show fractions, quarter hours, etc. Also love the decimal!

Learn how to use old iPhones in your classroom for Listening Centers!

Who's Who and Who's New: Lucky with Technology

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these easy to implement classroom experiments

A day in first grade: Science Galore! {and a FREEBIE!}

This 185 page Ultimate Writing Station is absolutely LOADED with all kinds of new writing stations that are hard to find.

A wonderful resource for teachers called Dynamic Paper. Need a pentagonal pyramid that's six inches tall? Or a number line that goes from ‑18 to 32 by 5's? Or a set of pattern blocks where all shapes have one-inch sides? You can create all those things and more with the Dynamic Paper tool. Place the images you want, then export it as a PDF activity sheet for your students or as a JPEG image for use in other applications or on the web.

When students are caught being good, they are given a slip to put their name on and put in the fish bowl. The teacher does random drawings when she needs a student helper or to give monthly treats to!

Peek at the Week: A Weekly Planner for Teachers

Peek at the Week: A Weekly Planner for Teachers | Ms. Houser