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Teaching Ideas

Changes to the EARTH Foldable by Science Doodles

Changes to the EARTH Foldable by Science Doodles

Shades of feelings. Good for writing words without using very or generic words like sad, mad, happy, etc...

Mrs. Kelly's Klass: Giveaways, Sales, and FALL.. OH MY! :)

This activity allows the students to be creative and also shows how to calculate area. They can make their house as big or little as the want, as long as the can find the area of the house when its finished.

Dream House: An Additive Area Project (Common Core FREEBIE!)

Teaching Theme Using Close Reading 4.RL.2 5.RL.2 6.RL.2

24-Hour research project frontloading background information on The Giver; students collaborate and teach each other about the author, dystopian genre, themes, Communism, and characteristics of The Giver and its series, which means NO unit prep for the teacher! (CCSS aligned)

The Giver: 24-Hour Collaborative “Short Research Project”

All about me self portrait. Could be a collage of things that they love, hobbies etc.

Classroom Freebies: What's On Your Mind?

Theme & Main Idea. Teach kids to learn the difference between the two, and they will FINALLY understand how they both function in books!

Teaching With a Mountain View: Teaching Main Idea Vs. Theme