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car seat canopy with STRAPS, FLANNEL, car seat cover, chevron, teal, hot pink, houndstooth, baby, infant girl, baby girl, baby boy, infant on Etsy, $47.99

Such a cool idea and it doesn't have to be for a kids room! It could be for a party or even a wedding if you change the flowers; hang some small lanterns with fake candles in it! Halloween too! Ahhhhh so fun!

Baby Girl Nursery Room - Project Nursery

Create an enchanting nightstand from a kitchen stool by wrapping a tutu around the edge of the seat and securing it with double-sided tape.

Tutu as Nightstand Decoration

Theres No Crying in Baseball Onesie Leg warmer and Headband Flower clip Set in PURPLE Infant Baby Toddler Sizes via Etsy

Minnie Mouse Mobile (transformed from a yard sale Cozy Coupe) --cute!

How to make princess crowns using lace.

A Mighty Girl is the world’s largest collection of books and movies for parents, teachers, and others dedicated to raising smart, confident, and courageous girls.

Your child's drawing can be transformed into jewelry: keychains, necklaces, etc. Great gift idea for the future!

I love this bathing suit that babies chunky legs

  • Christy Elainne

    It's at the bottom, I accidentally cut it off while trying to pin it. I didn't notice till afterwards. But I promised she had chunky cute legs. ;)

  • M. Davis

    Aww cute pic and very adorable bathing suit! I miss the chunky baby legs my little girl used to have!

  • Katie Benson

    Cute but where is the link to its origin??

  • Christy Elainne

    I copied this picture from my friends Facebook. There was no origin. Sorry :( I want to know where to get it also.

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Nothing like a girlie girl baby shower. Having Chantelle make the pom poms for me.