When I get a boyfriend I am so doing this

"Wrap Pringle cans and use them as cookie containers to give as gifts."

DIY gift wrap ideas via ORCHARD PRESS... Could maybe do Christmas trees too?

Maybe put bible verses on them for my future glass wear!

making flower napkin. Fun to decorate gifts

diy gifts messages- My grandaughter loves the fish and egg like this, I put "I love you" in it for her. Since she can't read yet a put a picture of an eye, a heart and her name. She loves it

Dandelion Wish Jar What was standing here yesterday in glowing yellow, I now found white and puffy- a sea of blowballs stand here, ready to fly and a gentle breeze will carry them far. I hang my hopes on each little parachute, so that maybe one at least could touch your heart...

Jack Daniels Soap Dispenser~The Perfect Gift. I wonder if I could make something like this...

Take someone's favorite photos (perhaps pick them from their Instagram or Facebook account) and create these personalized photo votives. Photo: Sarah Lipoff

Monogrammed Sharpie Mug This is something you could make for less than a dollar, assuming you have a few oil-based Sharpies on hand. You rea...

DIY Hot Air Balloon Party Decorations | Shelterness

gold feather mug - write on mugs with gold sharpie... I absolutely LOVE THIS !!!

Gold Dipped Bar Stools - might paint my plain old chairs that sit in my dining room like this. Or find bar stools like this for corner in bedroom.

Valentines Day Group Project. Could also do other holiday themes such as: Halloween Pumpkin, Christmas Tree, Easter Egg

DIY Furniture : DIY Paint an Ombre Dresser-This could be used in different colors on lots of different things.

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