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Easy home made peppermint patties. I'm SO making these for Christmas.

This is just one of the amazing creative Christmas card ideas on this site.

Made from hand prints and foot print. Santa is made from thumb prints.

Homemade Baileys, making this in bulk for the holidays. EASY EASY !

Spread Cool Whip On A Cookie Sheet. Place in Freezer Until Frozen. Cut Out Shapes To Add To Hot Chocolate --Great idea for a holiday party

Barefoot Contessa Salted Caramel for Christmas gifts.

Stove top Christmas scent --- One batch stays good for weeks, you just add water and heat it on low whenever you want to fill the house with Christmas goodness.

Hot Chocolate Cupcakes - perfect for a Christmas party or dessert exchange! Love the candy cane handle! :)

Turn mints into a serving tray! Just arrange on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper, and bake at 350 for 8-10 minutes. Then let completely cool at room temperature. After your party, break and keep in a candy jar! Great idea for a plate of cookies you don't have to get back. Love this for delivering Christmas cookies.

Love French Toast? Hate not getting to sit down and eat with the family while your still flipping bread? Try it this way... and you'll never go back. Christmas morning recipe.