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Christy Jermias

Christy Jermias

I love how the girl is prefectly still in focus while the train in disapearing in motion.

Jump for joy!

Hahaha this is so cute :)

White tigers are so majestic

Wow.. I hope i can see the moon like this for myself one day

Paper boats sailing in the rain ♥

This picture is so simple yet pretty

The bunnies as so cutee. Its funny how the cat and the rabbits have the same fur pattern :)

I love the look of this house. I always wished to have a house with a grand staircase like this. It looks so elagant and the railing looks as if it was made of lace. The mirrors make the hall look twice as big making it look like part of a casle ♥

I don't know what's cuter, the dog or the fact that he sleeps with a doll like that ♥

Hahah what a funny hamster

How cutee best friends till the beary end.

This looks like something out of a cartoon. The otter looks as if he is laughing or maybe yawning? either way this is such a cute photo :)

Haha the bird is just taunting that cat knowing he can't get to him.

This photo makes me feel calm and peaceful. It's amazing how far she can bend like that..

Like mother, like daughter

Wow this picture was captured at exaclty the right time! I can sense the movement in this photo as the bird is that close to catching the berry. Amazing shot

This photo scares me... the way her body is positioned looks as if she is dead; limp and helpless sinking deeper. Her pale skin and bright white dress really contrast the darkness of the waters

Couple track suits :)

I use to play in the sprinklers all the time in the summer when I was little :) This photo is a great example of movement!