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Amazing Ghost Busters 6th birthday cake with Slimer and Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Zombie nerd cake design

Nerd cake design an Imperial AT-AT from Star Wars

Nerdiest Smurf cake with mushroom house and Azrael the cat

Amazing nerdy Borderlands Clap Trap cake by Mike Elder of Black Sheep Custom Geek Cakes

Amazing Alien Facehugger climbing out of an egg geek and nerd cake art

Awesome Lord of the Rings and Hobbit nerdy cake with sword, goblin and ring for geeks

Awesome Boba Fett from Star Wars nerd cake design

Excellent portal cake for geeks and nerds alike

Stormtrooper life sized geek cake Starwars

Amazing AT-AT nerd cake design Star Wars

Geeky cake of Cthulhu breaking through